The Internet


Use a hyphen.


On Web pages, em-dashes should not be closed up to surrounding text. Put a space before and after the em-dash for better text flow.


Do not hyphenate.

Home page

Not homepage.


Use this capitalization.


Together, as one word, “login” is a noun:

  • My login is my email address.

Log in

Space the words apart for verb use:

  • I am already logged in.

Net, the (in reference to the Internet)


Not on-line or on line.


Do not hyphenate.

URLs and email addresses

Unless at the beginning of a sentence, an email address should be set in lowercase letters with no spaces between elements:


When citing a URL or email address in running text, do not enclose in angle brackets. The use of “http://” at the beginning of a URL is not necessary if the address uses www:


Never break a URL at the end of a line:

  • For more information about a bunch of things, see the Penn Medicine giving blog,

World Wide Web

Note capitalization.

Web, the (in reference to the World Wide Web)

Note capitalization. It is capitalized because it is a title that refers to a rule set. (“Internet” is capitalized because it is a location, a proper noun.

Web browser, Web feed, Web page

Note capitalization.

Webcast, Website, Webmaster

Note capitalization.