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Use “that” for restrictive (essential) clauses; “which” for nonrestrictive.

  • First-year students may select only from courses that are listed in their bulletins.
  • Next year, which will be her sophomore year at Penn, she will major in French.


Do not capitalize “the” as part of program, office, or organization name unless it is part of the formal title:

  • The Annenberg Center
  • The Benjamin Franklin Society
  • The Penn Fund


Always capitalize a person’s title.

  • Professor of Chemistry Donald Berry; Professor Berry; renowned chemist Donald Berry

A title is capitalized also when it is used in place of a name.

  • Amy Gutmann, President of the University of Pennsylvania; President Amy Gutmann; the President

Except in letter salutations, do not use courtesy titles such as “Mr.” or “Ms.” when referring to people in print or Web articles. Use an individual’s full name on first reference and either their first or last name on subsequent references. If confusion could result, e.g., two people with the same surname, use full name on all references.