Penn Academic Degree Abbreviations/Affiliations

School + class year (C’85, CW’65, C’85W’85) indicates undergraduate bachelor’s degree 
School + G + class year indicates graduate master’s degree 
School + Gr + class year indicates graduate doctoral degree 
Fellow and Resident follow the same format (FEL’67 and RES’89)
When abbreviating schools/degrees, do not use periods.

Bachelor’s (B), Master’s (M), Doctorate (D)

Allied Medical Professions, School of (SAMP)
MT – Medical Technology (B)
OT – Occupational Therapy (B)
PT – Physical Therapy (B)
Annenberg School of Communications (ASC)
Arts & Sciences, School of (SAS)
B – Biology (B)
C – College (B)
CCC – College Collateral Courses (B)
CCT – College Courses for Teachers (B)
Ch – Chemistry (B)
Ed – Education (B)
G – Arts & Sciences (M)
GR – Arts & Sciences (D)
Mu – Music (B)
GPU/MGA – Governmental Administration (M)
Dental Medicine, School of (Penn Dental)
GD – Dental, post-degree (D)
D – Dental Medicine (D)
MCD – Medico-Chi Dental (D)
PD – Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery (D)
DH – Dental Hygiene (D)
Design, School of (PennDesign)
Ar – Architecture (B)
CP – City Planning (B)
FA – Fine Arts (B)
LAr – Landscape Architecture (B)
RP – Regional Planning (B)
GAr – Architecture (M)
GCP – City Planning (M)
GFA – Fine Arts (M)
GLA – Landscape Architecture (M)
GRP – Regional Planning (M)
Education, Graduate School of
GEd – Education (M)
GrEd – Education (D)
Engineering and Applied Science, School of (SEAS)
CE – Civil Engineering (B)
ChE – Chemical Engineering
EAS – Engineering and Applied Science 
GCE – Civil Engineering (M)
GrC – Civil Engineering (D)
GCh – Chemical Engineering (M)
GEng – Engineering and Applied Science (M)
EE – Electrical Engineering (B)
GEE – Electrical Engineering (M)
GrE – Electrical Engineering (D)
GEx – Engineering Executive (M)
FE – Fuel Engineering (B)
ME – Mechanical Engineering (B)
GME – Mechanical Engineering (M)
MnE – Mining Engineering 
MtE – Metallurgical Engineering
GMt – Metallurgical Engineering (M)
General Studies, College of (pre 2008)
CGS – College of General Studies (B)
GGS – College of General Studies (M)
Hon (+ School) 
Law School
L – Law (M)
GrL – Law (D)
Liberal and Professional Studies, College for (LPS)
Medicine, School of

GM – Medicine, Post-degree (D)
GrM – Doctor of Science in Medicine (D)
M – Medicine (D)
MC – Medico-Chi Medical (D)
PH – Public Health (D)
Nursing, School of
NEd – Certificate (B)
NTS – Nurse Training (B)
Nu – Nursing (B)
GNu – Nursing (M)
GrN – Nursing (D)
Social Policy & Practice, School of (SP2)
SP2 – Social Policy & Practice (M)
Social Work, Pennsylvania School of
SW – Social Work (M) ‘till 2005
Veterinary Medicine, School of
V – Veterinarian Medicine (D)
W – Wharton (B)
WG – Wharton (M)
GrW – Wharton (D)
WAM – Wharton Advanced Management (B)
WEF – Wharton Extension Finance (B)
WEv – Wharton Evening (B)
WExt – Wharton Extension School (B)
Women, College for (pre 1975)
CW – College for Women (B)