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Now, more than ever, we strive to tell the story of science, sharing the promising clues and incredible discoveries being uncovered at Penn every day.  Through this project, we are working together to tell our stories of basic and translational research to all audiences and make connections outside of the scientific community.

In collaboration with the Penn Medicine Development Office, I created the Make Your Metaphor Project to provide a forum for Perelman School of Medicine faculty to share this story. I am certain that each PSOM laboratory has an incredible message for both scientists and the broader community, and I am eager for our researchers to translate the complexities of their work for non-scientists everywhere. All it takes is finding the best language, appropriate level of detail, and, of course, the right metaphor for the important work being done in the lab.

If you are a scientist interested in making your own video, please visit the “Learn More About” section to explore how to create and upload your own video. Many PSOM faculty have tackled this challenge and shared their stories with the world in the videos below – help us deepen this list.

If you are a member of our community who is interested in getting a glimpse into the latest research here at Penn, please browse our current videos in the gallery below.

Thank you for visiting the Make Your Metaphor Project – please enjoy the many engaging videos below!

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