When we began supporting scholarships, back in the ‘90s, we did so for a very practical purpose. We hoped that our giving would help Penn medical students follow their passions without concern for mounting debt. Never did we imagine that this support would make such a difference.

Over the years, our lives have been enriched by learning about your accomplishments and sharing in your successes. You are talented and passionate, and the careers that you and your fellow recipients have pursued are as varied as they are inspiring. It has been a privilege to watch you embark on paths that you might otherwise not have chosen.  

Above all, you have welcomed us into your families and for that we are truly grateful.  

In this season of giving and gratitude, we hope that you will join us in pursuit of the vision of a debt-free education for all Perelman School of Medicine students.  

Please give today. Your investment in current students will be amplified by joining with your fellow alumni and by demonstrating to the next generation of Penn-trained physicians that, together, we are standing with them.  

With our sincere gratitude and admiration,


Anne and Walter Gamble, M’57